We recognize that historically the consumer/ borrower has struggled in gaining detailed information about the status of his or her loan closing and struggled to understand the important details and timing of the loan closing process.

We provide full transparency and accurate information in all our settlements process and we enthusiastically embrace the drive for the consumer to have full, detailed understandable information throughout the entire loan closing process.

We want the consumer to have 100% confidence and trust in us as we conduct their closing. We feel providing full information and documentation from the very start of the process is part of building that trust and integrity in our relationship and in the market generally.

We know consumers are looking for more efficient ways in loan closings to receive, review and execute documentation and information. We are committed to creating more efficient and effective consumer service models and processes to assist consumers in their desires for convenience and understanding the process and documents.

We exceed the title industry norms of ensuring that private information of consumers is protected. We take seriously our obligation to realtors, consumers and lenders in ensuring this protection.  We invest our time, effort and thought process to ensure maximum protection of information and funds in today’s world of the fully electronic transaction. We are proud to be an industry leader in this area.

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